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The design family

Lise-Lotte Svenninggaard has always loved details, quality and a perfect fit. This is what started the brand Lofina, and this is what keeps it going. An uncompromising search on new designs mixed with comfort is the foundation of all new collections which has been made. Together the family Svenninggaard is giving their take on real high quality footwear.
Lofina is a family owned business which never makes any compromises regarding quality. The company was founded by Lise-Lotte Svenninggaard in 1996. Shortly after her husband Morten Svenninggaard joined the company.

Together the two have built a business from scratch, a business where quality and family feels are the main priorities. Details, fittings and leather types will be added, adjusted or replaced, every single time a new collection is made. The two daughters have been brought up while managing the business, and are now co owners of the company.

Sisse Amalie Svenninggaard is general manager of the office. Sofie Svenninggaard is co designer and general manager of the Lofina concept store placed in Aarhus.

Passion for each product, but also for the company is the most important thing for the family Svenninggaard. To be able to create a product which makes sense all around is a success criteria that has always been kept.