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Responsible family business

All our shoes are carefully crafted by hand at a small family-owned factory in central Italy. Every style is uniquely manufactured from exclusive core leather materials. Giving you extraordinary quality and a great fit.
Every single shoe in our collection is designed for you to express your style. Always with the experience of lightness and a comfortable fit as an equal priority. For you to feel free and stand out in special moments and your normal everyday life.

We believe that a responsible world is built on close relationships with both people and planet. We are very aware that every step we take as a business has an impact on the people and the world around us. That's why we have always invested in collaborations with good people and in leaving a positive and better footprint behind.

We really appreciate our close relationship to the family of experienced craftsmen in Italy. Their sewing work and unique polishing of the leather is really like a work of art. Giving every single shoe its own unique appearance. Having our production such nearby is also giving us unique flexibility and extraordinary opportunities.